Espurna (Spain)

„Fundació Espurna de la Comunitat Valenciana is a non-profit organization focused on supporting persons with intellectual disabilities.“

Fundació Espurna de la Comunitat Valenciana was created in Gandia, Valencia Region, Spain, in 1996.

To include people in society we provide services of house holding, sports club, vocational training programs, early intervention center, we provide services for leisure and free time, and also develop support in day care centers.

Espurna believes in the capacities of each one, supporting each person’s abilities to become a worker, because by this nurturing, both society and persons grow. We develop, occupational centers and sheltered workshops, to provide work and inclusion in society for people with intellectual disabilities.

Our employees mainly work inside facilities of client’s companies in little groups with a facilitator who supports them. We have near 100 workers who every day go to prove themselves that they can do it, and to bring money to their homes as everybody else, and some of them are able to access a regular job.

Also, as Gandia is a touristic city, we opened some years ago, an inclusive restaurant in Gandia Beach called “Boga Restaurant”, providing a vocational training programs of these professions, to generate jobs an also to show society and tourism enterprises, the capacities of persons with intellectual disabilities who work there as cooks and waiters.

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