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  • Photo showing the members of Access to Work during their meeting in Berne, February 2019 © Frances Santi, INSOS
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„We publish on the value of work for people with disabilities and their right to work and on the services of sheltered workshops as an important part of an inclusive labour market.“

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1. General Comment on the right of persons with disabilities to work and employment: The contribution of sheltered workshops, March 2021

"The general discussion aiming at preparing the elaboration by the Committee of a General Comment on the right of persons with disabilities to work and employment, cannot ignore the role of sheltered workshops and their social impact in the Member States to provide adapted solutions and access to the right to work for people with disabilities who freely turn to these services."

2. European Pillar of Social Rights: contribution of sheltered workshops, November 2020

"The implementation of the European Pillar of Social Rights needs to play an important role by actively creating a framework that pushes and supports the EU member states to:

  • sustain already existing social infrastructure such as sheltered workshops as a basis of a comprehensive and permeable system of support measures and services for people with disabilities.
  • further develop the services for people with disabilities in compliance with the UNCRPD."

3. Sheltered Workshops in the Corona Crisis, October 2020

"More than ever, sheltered workshops need strong and stable organisational and financial structures that enable flexibility and creative solutions at the same time. Those kinds of structures are necessary in order to cope with difficult and complex challenges that arise out of times of crisis."

4. Self-representation in sheltered workshops, February 2020

"Sheltered workshops should provide self-representatives elected by and out of themselves. People with disabilities, same as every other worker in Europe, must have the possibility to speak with a stronger voice through this organ."

5. The role of vocational rehabilitation, September 2018

"There is a wide range of opportunities for people with disabilities to participate in working life. From daycare centre to job without any support, all together they create an inclusive labour market. To safeguard that every individual can find the appropriate offer for his or her status and every step of his or her development, the services of vocational rehabilitation are indispensable."

6. Work for All, March 2018

"We are committed to:

  1. enabling self-determined participation in work and society for people with disabilities; 
  2. person-centered and adequately funded services for people with disabilities who otherwise would not have access to work; 
  3. the further development of the services of sheltered workshops in accordance with the UN-CRPD; 
  4. the promotion of qualified education and training for people with disabilities."




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