Unapei (France)


„Unapei is a militant parental movement governed by the French law of Associations.“

Unapei brings together some 900,000 families, friends, persons with disabilities, professionals, care-givers,  helpers, voluntary workers and sympathisers.

Our member associations carry out innovative actions throughout France alongside and on behalf of persons with disabilities.

Since 1960, we have been fighting to ensure that persons with disabilities, whatever the nature and extent of their disability, have access to the same rights as any other citizen. We are the driving-force behind most of the solidarity-based actions and medical-social support measures currently in place for persons who live with intellectual disabilities, autism, multiple disabilities and psychic disabilities.

Preventing isolation and social exclusion

Unapei is committed to bringing about changes in society that will ensure respect for differences and the right to decide of persons with disabilities.  We promote support solutions adapted to each stage in a person's life. And we fight to prevent disability from causing the isolation and social exclusion of affected families.

Ensuring support and respect for persons

We are also the principal manager of social support services in France, and the biggest in the disability sector. Our parental DNA guarantees the quality of the support we provide and our respect of persons.

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